The Concept

The Problem - Traditional seats allow the pelvis to rotate backwards forcing the spine into a ‘C’ shaped kyphotic curve, which results in poor posture and discomfort.

The SolutionProBax® technology subtly supports and tilts the pelvis, allowing the spine to adopt its natural ‘S’ shaped lordotic curve, whilst delivering significant comfort and health benefits.

The Implementation - Patented ProBax® technology utilises foams of varying densities. Using only conventional materials and techniques, it can be incorporated into most seats without modification to the frame or upholstery.

The Healthy Option - By reducing the degree of constriction in blood vessels, aggravated by slumped posture, ProBax® technology enhances blood flow and reduces the chance of clot formation and deep vein thrombosis-like events.

Original Seat - Effects of Poor Posture

  • Kyphotic position leads to increased disc pressure, spinal dysfunction and severe discomfort
  • Constricted vessels reduce blood flow in the lower limbs
  • Slumping causes a plethora of back and neck aches and pains, leading to fidgeting and fatigue

ProBax® Seat - Benefits of Correct Posture

  • Upright lordotic position is maintained for longer, dramatically improving comfort
  • Clinically proven to enhance blood flow through the lower limbs of the body
  • Relieved stress on the spinal discs greatly reduces back and neck pain.
  • Pressure under the hamstring muscles is alleviated and fatigue eased