ProBax®– Static Seating

ProBax® advanced seating technology is revolutionising static seating in every sector and every market.  Its applications stretch from hospitality, conference, office, task and breakout seating through healthcare and education applications to theatre, auditorium and cinema seating. ProBax® represents the future of seating.

ProBax® – Transport Seating

“Forget your Maybachs and your Roll-Royce Phantoms.  The most comfortable car seat in the world could just be in the Lotus Elise”. ProBax® advanced seating technology has been incorporated into Lotus Elise and Exige road vehicles since late 2005 and is currently in development with a number of car manufacturers world wide.  Away from the road, ProBax® seats provide day-long comfort for drivers of wheeled crop sprayers in North America.  Above the clouds, passengers in the most exclusive corporate jets relax in ProBax® comfort.