Cost & Weight Savings

By encouraging the spine to adopt a more natural curvature, the ProBax® technology renders many of the artificial lumbar mechanisms incorporated into today’s seats redundant.

Whether foam based or mechanical, the sole role of a lumbar mechanism is to help reposition the spine into its more natural curve, something the ProBax® technology achieves through its innovative seat cushion design. In addition, such is the increase in comfort experienced with the ProBax® technology, a reduction in the total amount of foam in the seat is often possible.

Incorporation of the ProBax® technology can be achieved without changing the seat frame or design and can result in:

  • Reduced foam depth, both for the seat cushion and back, whilst achieving improved comfort levels
  • Reduced or even removal of mechanical lumbar devices, again with improved comfort levels
  • Potential reduction in assembly / manufacturing time, resulting from using fewer mechanisms
  • Lower warranty / repair costs if fewer mechanical devices are used
  • Less foam and fewer devices reduces production costs and, crucially in the automotive and aviation sectors, reduces weight
  • Prolonged cushion life due to reduced fidgeting and better weight bearing properties

The combination of improved comfort, health and safety benefits for the seat user, coupled with cost and weight saving opportunities for the seat manufacturer, is what makes the ProBax® technology so unique.