Automotive Testimonials

Nik Berg – Daily Telegraph
“Forget your Maybachs and Rolls-Royce Phantoms. The most comfortable car seat in the world could just be in the little Lotus Elise.”

Mark Walton – Car Magazine
ProBax® seats, with their additional piece of back protecting padding, are amazing – simple and minimal looking, but easily the most supportive and comfortable of the cars here.” (Joint test – Lotus Europa ‘S’ / Porsche Cayman / BMW Z4 Coupe)

Malcolm McKay - Daily Telegraph
“From outside, the ultra-thin fixed-back bucket seats look hard, but actually feel astonishingly comfortable. Anatomically designed to tilt your pelvis for optimum blood flow and alertness, they are equally accommodating whether you’re eight or 18 stone. After driving the car 250 miles, after just three hours’ sleep, I didn’t feel more tired and had no aches or soreness.”
(Testing driving Lotus Elise)