Automotive, CV, Bus, Coach, Rail & Plant Seating

ProBax® seating is effective for 95% of drivers and passengers reducing muscle fatigue, lower back pain and cramping and improving comfort by up to 83%. Blood flow is clinically proven to be increased and hamstring pressure is limited by even weight distribution.  Improved posture also enhances safety, through increased proximity of the head to the head restraint.

These benefits are achieved by introducing the technology via the B-surface of a conventional foam seat. ProBax® uses only conventional automotive foams and can be produced via all production methods; cut foam, moulded foam or foam-in-place. ProBax® requires neither seat design nor upholstery changes and the frame remains unchanged, hence the H-point is maintained.  Together, these factors mean that ProBax®may be implemented rapidly and extremely cost effectively.

ProBax® also reduces vehicle cost, weight, assembly time and warranties via the removal or reduction of lumbar systems.  Reduced distance between the driver’s head and the head restraint improves whiplash protection, negating the need for heavy and costly active head restraint systems.

The improved spatial perception seen with ProBax® will aid vehicle down-sizing as improved posture creates an impression of greater interior occupant space. As a result ProBax® is also particularly well-suited to vehicles where foam depth is at a premium, for example; high-performance vehicles, futuristic seating concepts and MPV and SUV Row 3 applications.

ProBax® has been fitted to Lotus Elise and Exige road cars since 2006MY gaining numerous endorsements from the motoring press.  ProBax® development projects are currently progressing with a number of major OEMs.

Proven production methods permits ProBax® to be used in all automotive sectors, from niche, low-volume models through to high volume series production. The technology is equally suitable to CV, plant and specialist vehicle applications.