Furniture Testimonials

Brandon O’Reilly – CEO, Farnborough Airport
“In our meeting rooms and offices the improved comfort and reduced back ache with the
ProBax®seats is appreciated by staff and visitors alike.”

Bart Kulish – VP and General Manager, MTS Seating
“At MTS, we have continually sought ways to improve the comfort of our seating solutions. We understand the health benefits
ProBax® delivers, and we’ve experienced the improved comfort firsthand when we added it to our products. We believe that offering ProBax® is the right thing to do for our customers, and that doing so will further differentiate our products from the competition.”

John Hoath – Managing Director, Sky Creations Limited
“The combination of good design coupled with the benefits of the
ProBax® seat support system has proved to be a real winner in the highly competitive conference seating market; we are now the main supplier of conference seating to the UK Novotel hotels, part of the Accor Hotel Group.   Stellar, our main conference/meeting room chair is marketed as a genuine 8 hour chair, because we personally have the confidence in the product and it’s also been supported by some very positive customer feedback.”

Chris Petrick - Director Sales & Marketing, Bretford, Inc.
“Students and professionals use our chairs and sofas for extended periods of time, most frequently while bent over a laptop or other electronic devices, so we are always looking for opportunities to improve the comfort and ergonomics of our furniture. We entered an agreement with NuBax because the
ProBax® technology can give our customers the added support they need while studying and working.”

Caroline Christie – Managing Director, A J Way & Co Ltd
“We were amazed and delighted how the very subtle changes to the structure of the seat cushion resulted in a significant improvement in comfort and support and feel sure that the many healthcare professionals and dealers who use our range will see real benefits.”

Margaret Sevadjian – CEO, Charles Alan Inc.
“Charles Alan has been involved in the healthcare market for the last ten years and we are committed to the ongoing improvement of what is currently a product of exceptional value. We are continually challenged to design, engineer and develop products that significantly improve the comfort and ergonomics for our customers. The NuBax technology allowed us the opportunity to design a healthcare product that delivers results and proven health benefits – this new product line does just that.”