Auditorium Seating – Maximising the Performance

ProBax® technology is being installed in a growing number of theatres, cinemas and auditoriums worldwide. Licensees include Ambassador Theatre Group - the UK’s largest proprietor of theatres, ODEON Group - Europe’s largest cinema chain with over 400 venues across the UK and Continental Europe and leading corporations such as IBM who utilise ProBax® seating in their in-house facilities.

The seats are made by a variety of manufacturing companies across Europe and the technology can be incorporated into older, hand-crafted theatre seats or the most up to date moulded cinema seats, either as new seats or simply as a base cushion upgrade.

The improved comfort induced by ProBax® seats reduces fidgeting in the auditorium, increases concentration levels and lowers noise; all helping to enhance the experience of those using the seats and offering added value to the venue owner.