Company Profile

NuBax Limited was formed in 2004 to commercialise pioneering seat technology research. Early research concentrated on improving the body’s posture whilst seated, and the associated comfort benefits. Subsequent research has proved additional health and safety benefits which have lead to wide ranging applications of the technology in several major industries.

NuBax initially adopted the brand names ProBax® for use of its patented technology in the automotive and furniture industries and AeroBax is for aviation based applications. In a move designed to bolster brand awareness and cross-marketing opportunities, the AeroBax brand has now been retired and the ProBax® brand is used by NuBax to promote its Advanced Seating Technology to all sectors of the Static Seating and Transport Seating markets alike. NuBax Limited was the winner of Frost & Sullivan Emerging Company of the Year Award in the European Automotive Seating Technology Market. The technology is currently being tested by leading OEM’s in the automotive and aviation fields. Leading medical opinion suggests that the technology offers significant health and performance benefits in the work environment.

TAG Group is the largest shareholder of NuBax Limited. NuBax complements TAG’s diversified business holdings and its desire to innovate consumer related technologies. In addition to being a major shareholder in the McLaren Formula One Team, TAG Group is the largest single shareholder of the TAG Aviation Group, an international, diversified group of companies providing services for business jet aircraft. The TAG Aviation Group also owns and operates TAG London Farnborough Airport.

NuBax is dedicated to the continued evolution of seating in all environments and further establishing the comfort, medical, safety and cost benefits associated with the technology.

NuBax Limited is a privately held British company which owns all patents, trademarks and intellectual property rights relating to the technology.